Work With Me

Strong in body. Strong in mind.

Eating right and exercising shouldn't be a punishment. Together, we'll work to shift your mindset into the notion of nourishing your body and celebrating all that it can do. 

Whether we start small or begin a holistic overhaul of your lifestyle, your body is sure to thank you for any positive changes you make.

Understand how your eating habits compare with your personalised recommendations for weight loss in a 45-minute consultation. 

An insightful 4-week nutrition programme with customised calorie and macronutrient targets, tailored advice and weekly check-ins. 

Feel strong in body and mind with this in in-depth 6-week course focussing on fitness, nutrition and wellbeing, making wellness a way of life that works for you.

My Approach

Lose Weight. Become Stronger. Feel Confident. 

Whether you're focussed on your diet or exercise, losing weight is a delicate balance of managing energy intake versus energy output.


With every body being beautifully different, my approach to long-term weight-loss focusses on three pillars: 

  • self-love; celebrating your body for all that it does and nourishing it with the movement and nutrition it needs.

  • education; giving you the facts and knowledge you need to make informed choices that are best for your body and wellbeing.

  • toolkit; providing you with tried-and-tested routines that burn fat and strengthen your body and mind.

Why Work With Me?

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Certified Nutritional Advisor 

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