Wellness Workshops

Join me for all things fitness, nutrition and wellbeing this year.

4th September

End Summer Strong

Regroup and refocus your health goals to make the most of the end of summer.

Plus, set yourself up for success for the last 3 months of the year with a holistic planning session of your health and fitness goals. 

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Christmas Drinks
27th November

Healthy Holidays

Refresh your relationship with food and exercise ahead of the holiday season.

We take a holistic approach to fitness, food and wellbeing, looking at the role each of them plays on your self-image, how to keep control and what's really important to you over the next few weeks. 

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Smoothie Ingredients
3rd January

Happy You Year

Get ready for my biggest workshop and social movement yet as we design how to make 2022 your year. 

With guest speakers, challenges and wellness workouts, this month-long course will set you on a course for success and self-love, all with the support of a beautiful community of like-minded women.

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