• Erin

No Jumping, Apartment-Friendly Home Workouts

Updated: Feb 26

So, you want to do HIIT at home, but whenever you do, you're faced with a shaking room, dodgy floorboard or noise complaint from downstairs? I've been there, and the result is often a compromised workout that leaves you feeling frustrated and underwhelmed.

So, I wanted to share my favourite no jumping and apartment-friendly exercises that will raise your heart rate, work your muscles and give you a satisfying sweat. Water bottles at the ready!

  1. Sumo squats with a 1-2 punch Remember to keep the weight in the heels and the core engaged

  2. Walkout to plank with shoulder taps Try not to sway the body as you tap to really work your shoulders and core

  3. Alternate heel flicks in a sumo squat An option to hold weights for an extra burn, and remember to keep those feet light on the floor (no stomping)

  4. Bent over high knees Keep the core engaged for better balance and go again as soon as your foot touches the mat

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